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"How many of us have been told to "sit up straight", "stop slouching" or in some way have been told to improve our posture?  Most of us I guess.  Now, how many of us have made a permanent change to our posture as a result?  Very few of us I would imagine.  As humans, we only embrace change when we have an incentive to do so, or when we are taught and can understand the reason for making that change, and since we are never told why we should sit up, very few of us actually make the necessary change.

We spend a large part of our days explaining the "why" to our patients.  Since opening our Manchester city centre practice on Spring Gardens, we have seen mainly professional people who sit for most of the day using a computer, and almost all have neck and back pain.  I'm sure many of you can identify with this. And the most common cause of this pain? Poor posture!

So why is changing your posture so important that we spend so much time explaining it?  Each joint in your body was designed to be in a certain position, a neutral position; the position in which it is under least pressure and the muscles and tendons around it under least tension.  A movement away from this position increases muscle tension and increases pressure through the joint.  This is why posture is important! If you're in a good posture, your joints and muscles are under less stress as they are in the position they were designed to be in.  The result? Less of those niggling aches and pains that you suffer with that come on as the day and working week goes on, and then tend to reduce when you have time off or at weekends.

Once you understand why posture is important, you're more likely to change it, but usually we need an incentive to change.  This will almost always be pain and a visit to see us, but why not use the possibility of pain as the incentive, and start to change your posture now.


In the next blog, we will talk about how to make that change, now that you understand why you should make it!"


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