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So hopefully Office Managers around the world (I’m assuming the blog has a global reach by now) are wondering where all the post-it notes have gone.  Now that you’re sitting comfortably, I thought I would offer you another workstation-based revelation:  The mouse and the keyboard are not glued to your desk and can be moved!!!

Be honest, how many of you have thought about where the mouse and the keyboard is when you sit at your desk, or do you just sit down and whatever the task, start typing and clicking at the mouse with them wherever they were last left.   To stay in a good posture, the mouse and the keyboard need to be as close as possible to your midline (imagine drawing a line down the centre of your face and all the way down your body).  The problem is that tasks vary.  Some people mainly use the mouse to scroll through documents, others almost entirely use the keyboard for typing, and so the position of the mouse and the keyboard should alter depending on what you’re doing at that time.

When mainly using the keyboard, the letter “B” should be in line with your midline.  When mainly using the mouse, move the keyboard out of the way and bring the mouse in front of you.  What this does is it allows you to relax your shoulders more and reduces tension around them, which as we know from previous blogs, helps reduce pain when at your desk.

If you use both your keyboard and mouse fairly equally, then try to keep the mouse as close to the keyboard as possible.  In fairness, the only time I see the mouse move significantly is on its’ unexplained wander out to one side.  If you catch yourself reaching for your mouse, you need to move it back towards you, as this is a really common cause of tension around the shoulder of your mouse hand.

So, you have your post-it stuck to your screen.  Now have a look at where your keyboard and mouse are, and move them depending on which you are using more.  Again this is very simple, and makes a big difference to how your neck and shoulders will feel, but it is something most people don’t even consider until they’re told!


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