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Recognised to provide relief to a wide number of ailments and conditions,  or simply aid relaxation, reflexology stimulates your whole body through the foot.

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What is reflexology?

It is often mistaken as just a foot massage however it is important to note that it goes much deeper than that.  

Reflexology is a very complex system of techniques and a method of healing designed to work by stimulating reflex zones by applying hand or finger pressure.

 These reflex zones correlate to entire body systems, organs and glands in order to restore a natural state of health.  The surface of foot skin can be viewed by practitioners as an information zone relaying messages to and from all internal organs.

Do I have to have a particular health problem or concern to experience this type of therapy? 

Not at all.  Although this type of treatment is a great therapy with tremendously positive effects for specific health concerns, one can also gain general health management benefits from it.  

Although particular areas of concern may be targeted, working an entire foot stimulates our entire body.  Reflexologists can feel areas of foot tension while working reflexes.

What are some health benefits of foot reflexology treatments 

It promotes relaxation of body and mind, improves circulation, boosts an immune system by up to 25%, promotes a natural functioning of all body systems, calms a nervous system, alleviates stress, improves digestion as well as elimination processes and so much more.

What can I expect during my first visit? 

First visits require a health assessment form to be completed to determine if you have any health concerns.  Although it does not treat specific conditions, in general it does help our bodies to heal naturally.  After forms have been reviewed, you will be ready for your foot reflexology.

 How often can I have a treatment? 

Once a month is recommended for general preventative health measures.  However, depending on individual cases, some may need several regular treatments to speed up healing processes for specific health concerns.

 Can I have this type of therapy if I am having other therapies? 

Many therapies work synergistically to accelerate healing processes.  We would not recommend having too many at the same time to avoid overloading a body thereby making it work harder than necessary.  If you have other therapies try spacing them out to be at least 1 week apart.

 Can this type of therapy worsen an existing health condition? 

No.  Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy.  Its main benefit is to help normalize bodily functions by interrupting stress patterns causing particular ill health conditions in the first place.  It is one of the safest and most effective methods of natural healing.  

 How will I feel after a session? 

Everyone is unique therefore post-session reactions vary from one person to another.  However generally speaking, most people comment on feeling very light and relaxed after a session.

 Are there any recommendations you would make once a session is over? 

Yes.  We would recommend drinking lots of water after a session.  That will flush out toxins that may have been released into the bloodstream.  It helps with the detoxification cleansing processes.

 Are there any side effects to a foot reflexology treatment?

Because it is intended to balance and normalize body functions, sometimes fatigue may be a result.  That is usually an indication of toxins being released into the bloodstream.  However, that usually subsides as soon as body healing mechanisms balance themselves.  Other after-effects or possible reactions a client may feel after a treatment may or may not include: nausea, emotional releases, or feeling a need to urinate more often. 

 Are you able to issue a receipt for reflexology reimbursement by my health insurance plan? 

Yes we can issue a receipt. However if you're in need of insurance reimbursement it is necessary to confirm coverage by consulting with your health insurance company first. 

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