A sprained ankle is the most common ankle injury we come across. An ankle sprain refers to soft tissue damage to the ligaments around the ankle joint. Typically this ankle ligament damage is characterised by ankle pain and a swollen ankle. The lateral (on the outside of the leg) ligaments are the most commonly injured ligaments due to their relatively thin size and anatomy which make them prone to injury from twisting.

A severe sprained ankle may need x-ray or review by an orthopaedic doctor although physiotherapy treatment is very effective for most sprained ankles where there is no bone injury. In the early stages it is important the follow the PRICE protocol – protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. Give us a call at David Roberts Physio to make sure you do the best thing for your particular injury. Correct, early treatment will ensure the best outcomes and help prevent recurrence.

David Roberts Physio have the skills, equipment and facilities to help you from day one to full recovery. Treatment will often involve deep transverse massage treatment, manual therapy, specific strengthening and stretching exercise and electrotherapy such as ultrasound. Even though this injury is very common we know that each injury can differ and we tailor our approach to your lifestyle/occupation and sport.

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