Knee PainIliotibial band friction syndrome (ITB syndrome) is one of the main causes of lateral knee and hip pain in runners. Sometimes it is even known as ‘Runners Knee’. The ITB is a superficial thickening of the thick tissue  on the outside of the thigh, extending from the outside of the pelvis, over the hip and knee, and inserting just below the knee. The band is really important to stabilizing the knee during running, moving from behind the femur (thigh bone) to the front while walking. Regular continual rubbing of the band over the outside section of the femur, combined with the repeated bending and straightening of the knee during running or other activities may cause the area to become inflamed and painful.


ITBS symptoms range from a stinging sensation just above the knee joint (on the outside of the knee or along the entire length of the iliotibial band) to swelling or thickening of the tissue at the point where the band moves over the femur. The pain may not occur immediately during activity, but may intensify over time, especially as the foot strikes the ground. Pain might persist after activity. Pain may also be present below or at the side of the knee, where the ITB actually attaches to the tibia.

ITBS can also occur where the IT band connects to the hip, though this is less likely as a sports injury. It commonly occurs during pregnancy, as the connective tissues loosen and the woman gains weight, each process adding more pressure. ITBS at the hip also commonly affects the elderly.


ITBS can result from inappropriate training habits, anatomical abnormalities, or muscular imbalances.

A great many small factors can lead to ITB Syndrome, our experienced team of Physiotherapists will discuss, treat and advise you on the best way to address these factors to ensure you relieve your immediate symptoms and prevent recurrence. We use a number of different approaches to successfully treating ITB Syndrome focussed upon your indvidual problem.


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